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June 2nd, 2010

November 25th, 2009

Possitive BBC Furry Article @ 12:36 am

Finally apositvie furry article!
Thank you BBC!

Click here to veiw

Who are the furries?

Transilvanian Wild Dog Daiquiri

June 30th, 2009

Wild Dogs @ 07:50 pm

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Heh this is cool :)


June 2nd, 2009

Whats your Police Station like? @ 12:16 am

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Have been thinking...

 Whats your Police station like?

Is it the wee typical local station with a wee wall round it or is it like NI with high 30ft so fences with barbed wire at the top?

A typical PSNI station....

Link: to above picture: http://image03.webshots.com/3/2/5/44/12320544yGyuApnByo_fs.jpg

Whats your station like and well what do you think of Northern Ireland's Police Stations?

May 28th, 2009

Crazy Cow @ 01:17 am

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I think i have found one of my most random fav videos!


May 25th, 2009

Best Guinness Advert @ 10:15 pm

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Which is your fav Guinness Advert?

My personal fav Guinness Advert is the first link which is the dancing man :)

i think the best Guinness Advert has to be the Dancing Man from 1995

and well also the Rhythm of Life - Evolution

but there is also the men and the horses

and of course the domino effect


April 6th, 2009

My Memories from Dunfanaghy Stables 2008! @ 11:08 pm

I have some good memories from my summer!
Like who wears the trousers in this relationship! Michael: I and I was like but a wear trousers 2!
Wee trips 2 the shop when we were supposed 2 b doing the road!
Gawd un-blocking the drain! Fun times eh!  
Trevor smells like big man horse!! Poor Lauren!
YOOOOOOOOOOO SPEEACCHLLES..!! Aw gawd a nearly peed myself!!
Painting the stables green and white! You paint my jacket with the roller!
Siobhan’s teacher walking passed!
Chicken boobie-----u imitating Helen!
Ahh don’t worry the cars will stop!
Mucking out!
Weeding rag-wort!
Me strimming!!
Me picking up the stones!
Muck heap! Shavings!!
Wee lunches in the office!
Big brother in the barn!
Dancing in the street at the august fair!
Siobhan taking me the wrong way 2 the fair...
the dog show!!! (Who was the dog??) Siobhan and Lisa in the crowd trying 2 distract u!!
FENCING in the rain that
old man that threatened to shove an umbrella up my ass if u didn’t do some work!!
They that I should have been mucking out but just stood and chatted!
Siobhan and I painting the wall sitting on the same fish box having a row like we were having an affair..!" I’m getting the house..." "I’m having the car!!"  
Skimming stones!! Trying to teach Siobhan how to skim a stone with a concrete brick
NOEL <<in my wee gay voice!!   
riding 2 top field!!
Searching Ramsey’s for a paint brush and roller!
Siobhan’s Uncle Freddie! "Aww I caught you two again!!"   
Then they I walked off and Siobhan ran after me and couldn’t find me! She must have looked like a rite mentalist!!
Wizard of Oz walk!!
Uncle Freddie’s wee joke "what’s brown and looks through a window?" hmm "a nosey shite!"
HELEN IM LEAVING! Helen: ack here we go again!
How long does it take to muck out 11 stables!! Me: all they!
Dancing in the square!
THIS OFFICE IS A MESS! Let’s clean it, Helen walks in... "Oooh can I keep this card???!
The Cassidy’s use this place like a kids club!!
Oooh lets tie Ryan to the tow bar of his dads Lexus!
Helen: Michael I pick you up at 10!! Where r u??! Me: err Helen I won’t lie to you I’m in bed, Helen buy me a tractor!!
Oooh now that’s some Massey Me: erm that’s a John Deere hi!
Singing under the sea on the way back from Anne’s dinner in the pizza place!
When the carnival came! "The gypsies are coming the gypsies are coming!!!
Anne will you marry me.....*awkward silence*
Anne I’m only marring you for your dad and his tractors
I can ride a bike!!!! Hahahaah ahhhhh!!!!! I fell off!
Going down Pound Street on Chris scooter NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BRAKES!!!!!!!! *going through the square* NOOO BRAK.....HI HELEN!!!!

What a great summer!  


December 10th, 2008

Derry or LondonDerry? @ 06:11 pm

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Derry or LondonDerry that is the question!!
The name of the city and county of Derry or Londonderry in Northern Ireland is the subject of a naming dispute between nationalists (mostly Roman Catholic) and unionists (mostly Protestant). Generally, although not always, one will find nationalists calling the city and county Derry, and unionists referring to it as Londonderry.

Derry (more specifically, Doire/Derry), whilst across the border it is written as Londonderry. It is not uncommon to see vandalized road signs—the "London" part of the name spray-painted over on "Londonderry" road signs by nationalists (and often amended by unionists), or occasionally "London" added to "Derry" signs by unionists.

The debate became particularly politicized at the outset of the Troubles, with the mention of either name used to associate with one of Northern Ireland's two main communities. Unionist politicians, especially, would rarely, if ever, let themselves be heard referring to the city as "Derry".

And so i ask what do you think that it should be called? Derry or LondonDerry

so i want to know what you think? as this is part of the problems with Northern Ireland in my opinion i would want Northern to be part of Ireland! and with so Derry be set to Derry and not LondonDerry

there has been many disagreements of what the city should be called and so also was one of the main citys involved in the Troubles of NI

as quoted from a woman who has lived in Derry for most of here life "where depending on whether you call your home Derry or Londonderry means you are making a political statement that could mean risking your life by uttering."




December 2nd, 2008

YAY! @ 02:21 pm

It's nearly Christmas! :)

November 19th, 2008

The Internet is for...... @ 12:25 am

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Ok i seen this video a good whiule ago but now i have the song in my head:)

The Internet is for PORN!